Monday, October 10, 2011

Crazy October!

Things have been crazy around here. I've been working alot and the little free time I have has been spending time with hubby, friends and family.
Like I've stated before I'm not the best of balancing my time, I never have been. It's one thing I've been working on for a while now, it's defiantly a process.
October is a busy month for us here at the Hajrizi house:

The 5th was my mom's birthday. So there was a dinner the night of and then the family lunch on Sunday after church.

We are having a CutAThon at work on the 16th, I'm all for supporting BCR, after all my mom is a survivor, but it's on a Sunday which is my family day and I already have plans that day.

Also my friend AW is having a house warming party at her new place on the 15th.

And our church is having a guest speaker about missions on the 14th-16th and I really want to be there but I don't think I can because of work.

I also have two friends who want their hair done soon, which is stressing me out trying to fit that in.

It also has been a really slow month so far at work, and I'm not bringing in as much money as I usually do, it seems like I've been standing around doing nothing, it drives me crazy cause I keep thinking of all the stuff I could be doing instead.

I also have a Girls Night planned with my two bff's, Jess and Hil on the 28th.

I have my two clients that I see at home coming this month, which is really stressing me out cause our apartment is a mess because...
We are also in the middle of moving!
We'll be out of our apartment by the end of the month but we are trying to slowly move stuff into my sisters and my parents house. We will be moving into my parents house for about 6 months to save up the rest of the money we need and start looking for a house! YAY :-) I'm super excited to start taking the steps to have are own place!

We were also planning on revisiting the idea of starting a family after our one year but with the move back to the parents, that will be put on hold til we get our house. I love my parents but how awkward to be pregnant while living in their house!

We'll that's just the main events, I feel think I'm forgetting alot, but I'm hoping there will be alot of positive changes this month with the move and what it means for our future and hopefully a new job for one of us if not both (more to come on that).

Haha, I did forget the most important thing, L would kill me, the 23rd is our One Year Anniversary, and so far nothing is planned! Geesh :-)