Tattoos and Pearls

Some people may think "tattoos and pearls...WTF!" Let me explain, Tattoos and Pearls are my two favorite things on earth (non living). Well you might think that is a weird combination, but I think it is a combination that describes me in a "oyster" shell. (lol, I know I'm a dork) I'm a southern girl with a rebellious streak.

A strand of pearls is definitely a southern thing. It's kind of a running joke here in the south that a good southern girl can find any occasion or outfit to wear her pearls, whether it's a fancy dinner with a cocktail dress or going mudding in you "best" jeans and a t-shirt. Pearls are to sororities as boat shoes and polos are to fraternities here in the south. I wasn't in a sorority but when my sister K came to one of my success meetings with MaryKay she said it was like her sorority meetings in college, so I guess TNL is as close as I'm going to get to sorority row in Athens. I love being from the South; I wouldn't have it any other way;  I like to think that I am a good Southern Belle.

My grandmother was English and I learned my manners from her and my southern charm/hospitality from my mom. My birthday as well as my Granny's is in June, pearl is the birth stone for that month. When my Granny passed away in 2007 I inherited most of her pearl jewelry, so they have a special meaning to me, I even wore a pair of her pearl earrings on my wedding day. Whenever I wear a piece of her jewelry I rub it and say a little prayer,think of the happy times we had together, and thank God for the almost 21 years He blessed me with her and I hope I can be half the women she was one day.

Now the tattoos is my rebellious side. Now I don't get tattoos to be rebellious, but my mom does call me her "little rebel" and I am the only one out of my sisters who has tattoos or piercings. But tattoos aren't the only way I rebel against my "upper" middle class, private school up bringing (more on that later). I get my tattoos because it's a way to have things that are important to me or remind me of certain people from my life with me at all times.
I actually have all my tattoos picked out, some I will hopefully be getting soon.

I will be posting pics of my tattoos and new pearl jewelry I hopefully will be acquiring soon and anything else that applied to my Southern Belle with a twist personality.