About Me

Hello, I'm Rachel

I'm a married late 20 year old, living my life the only way I know how, to the fullest. I'm a Georgia Peach born and raised and I bleed Red and Black. I've lived in about the same 20 mile radius almost my whole life, except when we lived in Chattanooga from Oct 2012 to April 2014

I have some truly amazing family, even though they do drive me crazy most of the time and we don't always get along, I know that no matter what they would have my back without a question. My parents have been married for 30 years I have 2 older sisters and a "younger" twin sister. I am a very proud aunt of the sweetest 12 year old girl.

I Love cooking, entertaining, swimming, my dogs and my Dawgs, hanging out with friends, and making women feel beautiful with my passion of hair and makeup.
I Love the Fall and everything that goes with it: UGA football, bonfires, the colors, going to the mountains, camping, nice crisp days and cool nights, and most importantly My Anniversary!

I Hate: cleaning, folding laundry, one-sided relationships, drama queens, roaches and anything not in the SEC!

I've learned alot about love and friendships the past few years. I've been hurt and it has left me guarded and very careful about the people I let into my "inner circle" now. But the ones who have stuck around, I know truly love me for me.  

I met and fell in love with my best friend in 2005. In Oct 2010 we got married with just our closest friends and family surrounding us.

So what happens after the vows?  What is it to be married?  I started my blog to keep a record of my first year of marriage, my fairytale ending. But it has turned into more than just about married life.

 As I began to read and get to know other bloggers, I started getting inspired more about my first love, cooking, and sharing my recipes, trying my hand at some artsy things I've missed in that past and, the hardest thing for me, sharing my own thoughts and fears on all life's challenges.  It can be a little all over the place, but I feel if I can just open up and share maybe my thoughts and experiences will influence someone else.

This blog is about two people who have committed to spend the rest of their lives together and inspiring/ being inspired by everyone who steps foot in my world, whether in real life or this virtual one.  Who knows where life will take us in the first year and after. I can only put it in God's hands and trust him to lead us where we need to be.

This is just the beginning.