Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Manic Monday... I mean Tuesday

So like I said yesterday I'm doing Manic Monday on Tuesday because it was a holiday weekend and Monday wasn't too manic. However today was twice as manic becasue it was like Monday and Tuesday rolled into one!

I started the day off kinda slow by hitting snooze on my alarm and sleeping an extra hour, which was nice because my boss/director called me the night before and said she didn't need me til later in the day. When I did wake up I did my usual morning routine by checking text messages and voicemails, then checked e-mails and facebook all while still in bed (you gotta love smart phones). I finally got up and went to heat up my brunch, when I couldn't find the biscuits I had made the night before I texted hubby and found out he had taken them all for breakfast and lunch, so that's when my day started to get behind schedule. I had to make a fresh batch of biscuits because I had them on the brain and really wanted them, while they were cooking I jumped in the shower, then ate my breakfast and finished getting ready. I caught up on my fellow bloggers, then headed out for the day.

 My director had called me earlier that morning and asked me to pick up her orders from Kinkos and the MK distrubtion center (I was going there anyway). I try not to be an aggresive driver exspically now cause I have my MK sticker on my car but some times I can't help it, people are idiots. So on my way to kinkos I came up to an intersection and the light had just turned green but my lane wasn't moving becasue some jackass guy was blocking the entire intersection. the stupid part was that he was trying to get into the left lane that was back all the way up, but there was nobody in the right lane, I mean really how stupid can you be! 
I got about half way to C's house and realized I forgot to get the crockpot out and start dinner, after I promised L I would have something done for dinner even though I was going to be at work later than usual. Oh Well I thought to myself, he'll deal. haha :)  Once I got to C's house it was non stop for 3 hours, it being the end of the month we are really busy, but exspecially today because we are getting ready for our last month in the MK calendar plus trying to finish up our first PINK CADILLAC production. I was stuffing 130 envelopes with June promotions, sending out new consultant postcards, getting Crazy Sale prizes together, and putting a red bucket together for our new Red Jacket! I didn't even get around to birthdays, anniversaries, or Grand Days winners. 

I finally left about 15 til 5 and had to rush to the post office to get all the letters in before the last pick up, and then rush home before my meeting at 7 to finally get dinner ready. I also had to stop at the grocery store to get the ranch dressing for dinner. I made it home in time to put dinner together, change clothes, talk to the hubby for a few mintutes then I was back out the door headed to my meeting. We had a fabulous meeting tonight, I love my Unstoppable Unit and looking forward to what June has instore for us. I finally got home about 9:45 and ate dinner with the hubby, then L went to bed and left me with my favorite part of my day... me time.. to sit back relax and blog about my day.

So that was my Manic Monday Tuesday, how was yours?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend Whereabouts!

Well it being a holiday weekend, this Monday isn't so manic, so I'm going to do my first Manic Monday on Tuesday and fill y'all in on the weekend today.

This is a long one and gets a little tedious at some points but this is me and I want to share my whole self.

I love long weekends cause it gives me more time to spend with my hubby. He works hard to support us so he usually comes home, takes a nap, eats dinner and goes back to sleep. So weekends are our time together, so I'll gladly take an extra day now and then.

Our long weekend started with Friday afternoon when I finally got home from lunch and shopping with my mom. I met L at Macaroni Grill for dinner, we caught up with some old friends that still work there from back in the day when I did and had a really good time. When we got home that night we went out to the pool and swam for a couple of hours and crashed pretty early that night. We are such an old married couple sometimes!

Saturday we got up early and L headed over to my parents to finish sanding my new desk (transformation to come). I waited for my family to come pick me up cause when Mom and I went shopping Friday she found a dinning room table she wanted, so she was bring Dad out to see it on Saturday and of course everyone else had to tag along. So once we finally got done buying the table we went to lunch. After lunch we decided to go past Megan and Jeremy's new house because I'm the only one who didn't get to see it the first time. When we got there we kind of broke in let ourself in, had a look around, and measured all the rooms. I really like the house and can't wait to help her decorate! We spent almost 3 hours at the house, cause it turns out that after they had put the offer on the house Megan found out that a friend of hers from Piedmont College lives right across the street, so her and her husband come over for a bit. When we finally got to my parents house, Megan, Katie and I decided to head to Mall of GA to do some shopping for me, I didn't find anything so we decided to go to the furniture stores then had "dinner" at TuttiFruitti, a self serve frozen yogurt place, it was some good quality sista time. I ended up staying the night at my parents in participation for Sunday. After L finished with my desk he spent the rest of the day with his brother and friends.

Now here comes the highlight of the weekend Sunday Funday!!
Megan& Jeremy, L and I got up early to head to Lake Occone to spend a fun weekend on the lake with some old friends. Barrett & Ashely were outside waiting for us!  The boys started out the morning at 10:30 with jagerbombs and the girls took a tour of the new addition to the Harris house. After blowing up the floats and getting the coolers ready we headed out for a quick little ride on the boat waiting for the rest of the group to get there. Once W&J got there we went back out to the sandbar and once it got to crowded we drove back to the cove the house is in and swam there til lunch. After lunch we hooked up the rafts and went out once again, we only did that for about a hour til Lauren & Grant got there. I hadn't seen them since our wedding and was very happy they had made the drive considering all that they were going through. B took the new group out for a while and L, A and I swam out into the cove, talked and caught up for a while. L&G are getting married in November so we were talking wedding stuff, ever since my wedding 7 months ago I still have the planning itch so I guess it's good that I have so many friends getting married, lol. We left after dinner and got home really late but we had so much fun and wish we could go it more often, maybe we can this summer!

Our extra day together Monday. again another boring old couple day but it's the kind I love and greatly appreciate after a busy weekend like we had. We slept in, picked up a late lunch, layed around watching TV and talking, accidental took a nap, laid around some more. We had planned on going out to the pool but it was really crowded and L got a little to much sun at the lake and didn't feel like being out in the heat again today. We had dinner and L has since gone to bed and I'm just trying to finish this long weekend blog so I too can go to bed.

This weekend had it's up and downs but it's the kind of love, spent with friends, family and the one person I love the most. Hope everyone else had a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend. Thanks to the troop of past and present fighting for us, especially my cousin Glen and one of my favorite people W's husband Robert who are over seas right now. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your families daily.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Marriage in the 21st Century

My parents with me and my husband on our wedding day, 10/23/10

Yesterday marked the 27th anniversary of the day my parents got married! 27 years together is alot these days, ecspecially with the divorce rate at 50% and it goes up if one or both of the people have been divorced before (which applies in this case). They've gone through a lot in their years together, and I'm sure me and my sisters never made it easy for them. My dad has a weird since of humor (it's one thing I don't mind saying I got from him) He always tells us he would be rich if he didn't get married and have kids, which I think is the case with most people. But then Agna he also says when you ask him which kid is his favorite, and he says he doesn't have a favorite... he hates us all the same. If you know my dad you know that's so him and none of us take it seriously, we know he loves us.

My dad isn't much of a romantic, the only thing my mom had in store for her last night was a card and dinner, but she knows it and has excepts it. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, Mom says he's never been a romantic not even when they were dating or first got married. I do remember him getting flowers and chocolates for her and me and my sisters for Valentines Day growing up but that's about it. I think that's why I choose a man who is a bit more romantic, trust me he use to be a lot more when we first started dating but I think like any couple who have been together for 5+ years, it dwindle a little. But back to my parents...

My parents ssacrificed a lot to give me and my sisters the kind of life they didn't have (but that's another story). I think that's a part of getting married and having a family, you have to be willing to give up things in your life so your kids can have a better life. And it all comes down to communication with your partner, y'all have to figure out what your willing to sacrifice. One of the top reasons marriage end in divorce these days is lack of communication. Good communication skills take work, I'm still working on mine. Communication is different when your in partnership, you have to take their feelings in consideration, you can't just say the first thing that pops in your head. Everything you do as a couple comes down to communication, whether it's everyday sharing or a serious conversation, when your in a relationship you have to both be on the same page. My parents definitely had there moments of disagreement but they knew how to over come those issues and come out stronger on the other side. That's why I take having a family very seriously, I get that from my parents because I know they took raising my and my sisters very seriously.

They knew how they were going to discipline us and that they wanted us to have a good education and go to collage but at the same time they excepted us for who we are and what we wanted to do when we grew up. They believe in our dreams more than we do and they are always there for us when we need them, whether it's to bail us out when we're having a hard time or to celebrate the triumphs with us. They were there at every game, recital and play growing up with congratulations or encouraging words if things didn't go as planned. They treat their marriage like the partnership it's supposed to be and because of that they have set a great example for me and my sisters of what a marriage should be.

When your young your parents are like kings and queens, they can do know wrong (I was a big Daddy's girl) but then you get to a certain point in your life were you think your parents don't know what they are talking about. But it all comes back around when you get into your mid 20's and start thinking about settling down yourself, you go back to the thoughts that maybe they do know what they are talking about, after all if those two crazy people can make a marriage work, it give you hope that so can you.

Happt Anniversary!
Here to 27+ more years together Mom and Dad.
Thanks for your example and guidence!

My Mom in her wedding dress and holding her bouquet, it still fit after 26+ years!
I wish I had a picture of them from their wedding day, I might take one when I go over this weekend and add it later.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's About Time

Where has the past 7 month gone...it has taken me that long to finally get on here and get started. This was supposed to be a blog about me and my husband's first year together as married couple. About the things we learn, the hard times we go through, and the simple joy of being man and wife. Well since we only have 5 months left in our first year of marriage, I'm still going to go back and talk about the wonderful 7 months me and Liridon have spent together so far but I'm also going to make this blog about the life journey I started and will continue to make. I have made some major changes in my life over the past year or so and I want to share and discuss those with my friends. Maybe some of y'all could use a change and I hope I can be some inspiration like the people have been for me. I'll be talking more about the wonderful people in my life who inspired that change, and even though I still maybe doubting myself from time to time I know that with out them I wouldn't be were I am today, the person I am today! Here's to an amazing journey as a wife, daughter, sister, friend, mentor and Christian!