Meet The Husband

The Mr.

Meet Liridon:

He was born in Eastern Europe in a little country called Kosovo (formally part of Yugoslavia). Most of you probably haven't heard of it but those of you who do it's probably because of the war they had in 1998-1999 called the Kosovo Conflict. Like I stated here, he really was born in the woods, his parents didn't make it to the hospital and his dad actually delivered him on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. His parents have been married for over 20 yrs (more than half their lives). He has 3 brothers ( 1 older, 2 younger) and 2 sisters (both younger). He is every close to most of his siblings and would do anything for them.

 My husband and his family came over to the US during the middle of the war to seek refuge. A church in Lawrenceville actually sponsored them the come to Gwinnett Co.

This is us on our wedding day with the couple who was in charge of the whole mission/sponsoring to get Liridon to the US. He has kept in touch with them over all these years and we are very close to them now.

He has spent about half of his life here in the US. People who meet him for the first time usually don't know he's not from here because he doesn't have much of an accent.

He works at a chemical company doing anything from driving a forklift to working in the lab testing the chemicals. He has many scars and burns from the past 6+ years but he really enjoys it!

He loves hanging out with friends, yard work, cutting the grass barefoot and pretty much anything else outside (even though he's allergic to grass) , playing xbox, spending time with his "baby" brother (who is 9 years younger and just as big as him), and futboll (he doesn't enjoy real football)

He Hates: following the rules, fake people, drama, and all "my shows".