My MaryKay Life

I started my MaryKay business in January 2011. I can't wait til the day that MaryKay is paying our bills and I'm driving that Pick Cadillac! I know it comes with a lot of work but I'm willing to put it in to get the thing I want out of it.
This page will contain some great quotes I get from my weekly meeting and MK Ash herself. This is the place where you will want to go to learn about new products I will be featuring and any sales I have going on.
I will also be posting picture and keeping you updated on any important MK business.

Free makeovers, Tuesday Nights, 7pm-9pm, The Beautique, Suwanee, GA

Got this little bit from the beautiful, gracious, and inspiring JCV ~"Your faith can move your mountain but your fear can create one "
This is the Cadillac SRX my Director & The Unstoppable Unit earned June 2011! I am so blessed to be apart of the unit who earned C her first pink caddy! I am also very honored to be a charter member of the James National Area which made its debut December 2012! Very proud of my  NSD and friend Cece. She proves that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, even if it takes you 20yrs!