Thursday, September 22, 2011

10 Days

That's how long it has been since my last post... 10 Days... sorry, it's isn't for the lack of motivation or time, I have both of those. It's for the lack of substence. I can't seem to shake this Negative Nancy feeling and I don't want it to creep into my bloggy world. I have plenty of stories typed up but they never made it to publishing because I don't want to be that whining biotch that everyone talks about but no one wants to read. So to protect my readers (all 4 of you and who ever else drops by but doesn't join) I have stayed away from posting. I'm hoping I can shake this soon and get back to my usual weekly fun postings! I really do miss it and all of you.

Now if you want to read something worthwhile from a person who can always see the positive in things and make you LOL, go check out Brynn from Wicked Sweet Tea. Exciting news: Her and future hubby finally picked a wedding date. So looking forward to what I can only imagine as hilarious wedding planning stories!

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