Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Best Day

The last time I posted on here I was feeling broken, but it's nothing compared to how I feel now.

Back in January at the time I was feeling low cause we had been trying for over a year to get pregnant. Little did I know I was actually pregnant at the time I wrote that. I wouldn't find out til almost 2 month later.

 Come March I was not feeling all that well but didn't think anything of it because ever since we started ttc things had been off. I laid awake in bed one Wednesday night and started to add up all the symptoms I was having and actually convinced myself that I was crazy, there was no way I was pregnant. I woke up early that Thursday morning, got ready for work, did my makeup, brushed my teeth and immediately threw up.  The whole day I was at work I couldn't get that mornings events out of my head, I just kept thinking how odd it was cause I never just get randomly sick. As I drove home I talked myself into stopping at CVS to get hpt. I told myself I wouldn't take it til the morning to make sure I got a better read.

March 21, 2014 The Best Day
For once that Friday morning when my alarm went off I jumped out of bed, grabbed my hpt I hid from the hubs and ran to the bathroom, it was about 8am and I did my business, put the cap on the test and laid it on the counter to wait the allocated number of minutes, but I didn't have to wait long cause before I could turn to leave the room (cause nothing is more stressful than standing staring at the test) this little blue plus started to show.

The fist test
 I couldn't believe my eyes. I couldn't believe after all this time that I could actually be pregnant. I ended up taken a picture and texting one of my best friends. She was excited but told me to get a pink dye test or a digital to be sure.  So when I left work that afternoon I stopped at CVS again and bought 2 more 2 packs of test. I got home around 3pm and immediately took 2 test. You guessed it they both came back positive pretty fast. I had actually called my ObGyn when I was at work to set up an appointment on Monday to come in for blood work to confirm.

It happened to be a week before the hubs birthday and I was going to try and wait to tell him then but I'm horrible at keeping secrets from him. I decided to take all three test I had taken that day and a little baby onesie that I had bought actually a while ago and put them in a black decorative box I have. When he got home that evening from work I set up the camera in the living room of our house and told him to sit down cause I wanted to give him one of his presents early. I then handed him the box, it took him a second to get it but when he finally did I have never seen him more happy.

Over the next couple days I took 2 more test and then had my positive blood work done on Monday

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