Friday, May 30, 2014

The Blur In Between

This is alot of random info but it kinda gives you an idea of what had been going on.

Afternoon of March 24th. I had just gotten home from my blood work and I began to bleed, it only lasted a few mins but Liridon rushed home and I called my Ob. They prescribed me progesterone cause my levels were low and scheduled me to see the on call doctor in the morning. I just slept all day.

The 25th we went in and had an ultra sound and got to see and hear our baby for the first time. Everything was fine, they didn't know why I had bleed and they scheduled me another appointment to see my actually doctor the following week.

Saturday March 29th we ended up telling my in-laws that we were pregnant because of some drama at L's birthday party and I was getting all worked up. They were over the moon happy. (that was actually the first time my father in law has ever told me he loved me)

 April 12th my in laws surprised us by coming to Chattanooga to help us move back home to Monroe. Since I couldn't do much it was so much help. We put all of our stuff in a storage unit and stayed at my parents.

Sunday April 13th we had gotten home from church. I was standing on the back porch at my parents house watching Liridon cut the grass. I suddenly started bleeding again. I called for Liridon and went up stairs to lay down and take a nap.

 The following week on the 17th I had my last appointment with my amazing Ob in Chattanooga, luckily me and the hubs were both off work that week so we drove back up 75 one last time. At 14 weeks along we were hoping to maybe find out what the gender was, we knew it was early.
 I could tell something was off in the ultrasound. As we waited in the examination room for my doctor I just got more nervous but didn't let on to Liridon. when she finally came in she got straight to the point. She of course started out with the worst but at the end she said she believed it was just fluid on the brain and scheduled me an appointment with a specialist that day. So we left the office not really knowing what to think and drove to the specialist. That was probably the worst experience I've ever had with a doctor, the ultrasound tech made me very uncomfortable physically and the doctor was just very harsh. We left there that day with no answers and I slept most of the way home as Liridon drove. Over the next couple days I came to term with as long as this baby has a heartbeat and I felt fine then this was all going to be okay.

Sunday April 20th Easter. We finally told my mom and older sister D that I was pregnant. We did fill them in on the complications we were having. They were happy and supportive.

Friday May 2nd I spent the night at my Twin sister house and told her I was pregnant, this is the one person I was most scared to tell because she and her husband have been trying for a while with no luck. She was actually excited and we stayed up talking about baby stuff.

On Tuesday May 6th I had my first appointment with my new Ob here in GA. Everything seemed good, we were hoping to find out the sex but they just did the doppler to check the heart beat, they mostly were just looking for history. 
On the 12th they called and told me that they scheduled my 20 week anatomy ultrasound on the 27th at the specialist office, because they had better machines to see more since something hit on my last blood work and I'm guessing they probably got my records from my ob in Chattanooga. 

Sunday May 11th Mothers Day
I was enjoying my first unofficial mothers day, we were talking about finding out what the baby was, and what everyone thought it might be. Planning the gender reveal party that we would have June 1st.

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