Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Manic Monday... I mean Tuesday

So like I said yesterday I'm doing Manic Monday on Tuesday because it was a holiday weekend and Monday wasn't too manic. However today was twice as manic becasue it was like Monday and Tuesday rolled into one!

I started the day off kinda slow by hitting snooze on my alarm and sleeping an extra hour, which was nice because my boss/director called me the night before and said she didn't need me til later in the day. When I did wake up I did my usual morning routine by checking text messages and voicemails, then checked e-mails and facebook all while still in bed (you gotta love smart phones). I finally got up and went to heat up my brunch, when I couldn't find the biscuits I had made the night before I texted hubby and found out he had taken them all for breakfast and lunch, so that's when my day started to get behind schedule. I had to make a fresh batch of biscuits because I had them on the brain and really wanted them, while they were cooking I jumped in the shower, then ate my breakfast and finished getting ready. I caught up on my fellow bloggers, then headed out for the day.

 My director had called me earlier that morning and asked me to pick up her orders from Kinkos and the MK distrubtion center (I was going there anyway). I try not to be an aggresive driver exspically now cause I have my MK sticker on my car but some times I can't help it, people are idiots. So on my way to kinkos I came up to an intersection and the light had just turned green but my lane wasn't moving becasue some jackass guy was blocking the entire intersection. the stupid part was that he was trying to get into the left lane that was back all the way up, but there was nobody in the right lane, I mean really how stupid can you be! 
I got about half way to C's house and realized I forgot to get the crockpot out and start dinner, after I promised L I would have something done for dinner even though I was going to be at work later than usual. Oh Well I thought to myself, he'll deal. haha :)  Once I got to C's house it was non stop for 3 hours, it being the end of the month we are really busy, but exspecially today because we are getting ready for our last month in the MK calendar plus trying to finish up our first PINK CADILLAC production. I was stuffing 130 envelopes with June promotions, sending out new consultant postcards, getting Crazy Sale prizes together, and putting a red bucket together for our new Red Jacket! I didn't even get around to birthdays, anniversaries, or Grand Days winners. 

I finally left about 15 til 5 and had to rush to the post office to get all the letters in before the last pick up, and then rush home before my meeting at 7 to finally get dinner ready. I also had to stop at the grocery store to get the ranch dressing for dinner. I made it home in time to put dinner together, change clothes, talk to the hubby for a few mintutes then I was back out the door headed to my meeting. We had a fabulous meeting tonight, I love my Unstoppable Unit and looking forward to what June has instore for us. I finally got home about 9:45 and ate dinner with the hubby, then L went to bed and left me with my favorite part of my day... me time.. to sit back relax and blog about my day.

So that was my Manic Monday Tuesday, how was yours?

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