Sunday, January 20, 2013

Catch Up

Oh my how things have changed in the past year since my last post on October 10, I kinda was foreshadowing some changes in our life but I had no clue what God had in store for us. We were in the middle of a move to my parents, crazy work schedules, super busy social calenders and our 1 Year Anniversary.  

We officially moved into my parents back in Nov 2011 thinking we were actually looking at a move to Switzerland but months went by and the work visas were taking forever, so we started to look at our other options. In Aug 2012 unbenonced to me hubby started looking at transfers with in his company. At first there were no openings but he checked back about 2 weeks later and there was an opening for the exact job he does in the city we wanted to move, if that wasn't a sign I don't know what is. He went up for a interview on a Thursday and was told to report for work 2 weeks later. (they actually wanted him to start that Monday). So we had two weeks to pack up our lives, find a place to live and tell our friends and family (keep in mind we hadn't told anyone we were even thinking about moving).

So as of October 5, 2012 we now reside in Chattanooga, Tn... I know, WTF, trust me no one is as more surprised by this news then we are!

With the move I had to quite  my job and still haven't found a full time position up here in Tn but I'm consitantly on the look out. So I've spent the last 3 months trying to figure out what I want to do and taking advatage of my free time by being a good housewife.

 L is loving the transfer! He no longer has to work 12 hr shifts going in at 3am and spending over a hr on his commute. He now gets up at 6:30, out the door by 7 and at work no later than 7:20. He now works a normal 8hr shift, our bank account defenilty misses the overtime pay but the transfer came with a pay raise so it's starting to even out. And because he doesn't work crazy long hrs L has been overjoyed to pick up some shifts at a local restaurant working in the kitchen.  

Friends and Family:
We miss our family, I have never lived more than 30 minutes form my parents, let alone outside the Gwinnett/Walton Co area of Ga. It helped that I got to go to Ga for about 2 weeks before Christmas and L came down the Friday before and stayed til Tuesday.

I think we miss our social lives more than anything! We spend every moment not at work just hanging out at the apartment together. Needless to say we have watched a ton of movies and played video games. Our new addiction is doing puzzles together on our iPads, we are dorks and race to see who can finish first (the only time L has won was when I was sick). I know we need to get out and meet new people but I miss my old ones!  I got to see quite at few of them when I was in town for Christmas too. I'm actually leaving tomorrow to spend a couple days at my parents and I can't wait to see some friends and get out and have some fun.

We spent out 2nd Anniversary here in Tn, I don't really remember what we did cause things were still kinda crazy from the move but I'm sure I made dinner and we probably watched a movie. Not that exciting but that's us, we are just an old married couple.

It's defenitly the change we were looking for, it hasn't all been rainbows and sunshine but we are enjoying this new city and starting to learn all the ends and outs of Chatt and Tn.

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