Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesdays

Happy Wednesday and June Everyone!!

I'm Loving... that today is June 1st!!

I'm Loving... that June means: schools out and I get to spend more time with my sisters and niece; that alot of my friends are coming into town for summer; and it's my niece, my sister, my Granny, and My birthday month!

I'm Loving... that in 6 days I will 25!

I'm Loving... that in the month of June I'm house-sitting for my sister and my aunt, so that means our water and electricity bills will be low!

I'm Loving... that I'm having a birthday frozen yogurt with one of my really good and beautiful friends Mrs. Whitney F tmrw!

I'm Loving... that I got to spend this past weekend with some great friends at the lake even if I am still a little crispy!

I'm Loving... that Katie is coming over tmrw to lay out by the pool with me!

I'm Loving... that I'm still going strong with my blog and loving every minute of it, I feel like I can't go to sleep if I haven't blogged for the day!

I'm Loving... that June will be MY MK month! I've got a lot planned and it's all fixing to pay off!

And as always... I'm Loving... my amazing Hubby!

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