Monday, August 8, 2011


Life has taken over this week.
 Between my first week back at work and technology failing me I haven't done that much writing this week!
 (I tried to post a few short post this week via text but they never posted)

This week has proven that I need to go back to planning my day out, I can't just play it my ear anymore.

Monday: first day back was great and I got to spend it with my favorite AW!
Tuesday: supposed to be my day off but I had to go to a color class in downtown, again spent the day with AW. Got home and slept from 4-9, missed my meeting and didn't make dinner for Tuesday's post.
Wednesday: worked a mid-shift and went to bed early. Had some back lash text messages after Wednesday's post. But don't want to talk about that anymore.
Thursday: over slept and didn't go to bible study, closed at work
Friday: worked the Grand Opening of the Marietta Ulta, sat in Friday rush hr traffic on the way home, L went out for the night and I stayed home cause I was exhausted, drank some wine, ate some frozen yogurt, and caught up on my shows.
Saturday: slowest and worst day at work. L went to Helen with some friends and bought me back my favorite wine, White Muscadine! Got home at 9, drank a glass bottle of wine, watched "Just Go With It" (supper cute and funny). Got a foot rub since my puppies were killing me after a week back on my feet.
Sunday: Slept in, hung out just Hubby and I all day. Fabulous dinner of steak, mushrooms, and mash potatoes that L made!

It was a great but busy week, I look forward to this next week and getting back into the swing of things again.

Hope Y'all had a great week/weekend also!

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