Monday, July 4, 2011

Weekend Whereabouts!

Happy Independence Day!

Friday night was spent with my sister D. We went to Assi Market and got some sushi and walked around the market. If you've never mean it's a great Asian market but it has the same produce you would buy at a regular grocery store but for a really good price. I found the cutest snow cone maker that I bought for my niece. (I had a Snoopy one when I was her age) Then headed back to her place and made snow cones and went swimming.

Saturday was spent with L driving to the Ga/Ala state line to get fireworks (since you can't buy decent ones here in GA) and I stayed home and watched movies and somewhat got a few things accomplished.

Sunday we slept in and then headed back to my sister for some quality family time, more snow cones, swimming and doing some hair. (I was supposed to do my mom's but she was late as usual so after an hr of waiting I went ahead and got in the pool)

Monday morning was spent my getting annoyed by my mom cause once again she was over an 1.5 late. We where supposed to be at my old neighborhood by 2, but we didn't get there til 4! I spent the first 14 years of my life in this neighborhood and every 4th from before I was born we do the same thing. small parade, cook-out, swim and just hang out. When we were younger and lived across the street it was definitely more fun. We  would play flashlight tag, shoot off bottle rockets, and make homemade ice cream. But we have all grown up and some of us moved away. I'm went mainly because it's tradition.

Land I only  stayed for a little bit, then heading to our "normal" weekend hang out, The Creek. We (I) had a few drinks, watched a movie (Hall Pass, pretty funny) and shot off  our over $200 worth of illegal fireworks. (but of course I forgot to take pictures til about half way through) besides L burning a hole in his shirt and me burning my boob (I think I might have a scar to remember this 4th) with bottle rockets, it was alot of fun.

L's burnt shirt, it's sideways but you get the point.
 I'm not goint to put up a pic of my boob...Your Welcome!

Hope Y'all had a fun and safe 4th of July!

Best one of the night

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