Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Whereabouts!

A weekend full of my 4 favorite F's: Fun, Family, Food, and Friends!

L headed to Athens Friday afternoon for our friend's Bachelor party weekend, so I headed to sis M's house for a girls night, since BIL would be in Athens too.  M and J just moved in last weekend so they are still trying to get the house order and K, M, and I love to decorate so after dinner we spend 3 hours between Target and Walmart shopping.

Saturday we got up, did some decorating and headed to meet our parents for lunch. After lunch they all headed to the mall to do some more house shopping and I headed back to the house to do some baking. I had my units Cadillac Cookout at my Director's house later that night and was making a special cake for her.

M is not much of a cook like me (even though she has every small appliance you need thanks to wedding gifts) so trying to bake a cake at her house and not having all my gadgets was difficult to say the least. But I think it turned out ok.

Pink Cadillac

My first attempt at Cake Pops, they were a hit!

At 6 I headed to C's house for the cookout, L was meeting me there cause he came from the lake. We had a great night eating, playing volleyball and hanging out with great friends celebrating C and her amazing accomplishment of earning her first Pink Cadillac. (with our help of course)! I stayed an hour after the party helping clean up and chatting. We had so much fun I didn't get any picture but I know someone did so I'll post some later (I use to be so good a taking pictures, I need to get back in the habit)

Saturday also happened to be me and L's 6 year dating anniversary and 9 month wedding anniversary. So after I finally got home at 11 we laid on the couch to watch Little Fockers but the dvd kept skipping so we ended up watching Medea Goes to Jail, and headed to bed.

Sunday we got up and meet the family at church and then went to dinner at our normal Sunday lunch place, Smokin' Poboys! Usually we go to my parents and hang out after lunch but it was a busy weekend so L and I headed home for our old married couple day: nap, tv, dinner, more tv, L heading to bed early and I stay up watch more tv and blog! 

I'm still working on these weekend whereabouts post, cause sometimes they get a little boring and long!

We got another hectic week ahead of us but it all going to come to a great conclusion at our great couple friends' wedding!

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