Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesdays

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I'm Loving... What I'm Loving Wednesdays
Have I meationed this is probably one of my favorite post that I do, especially if I'm having a rough week.
 Even though it makes it hard to find things I love it also reminds me about the small things in life that truely make me happy!

I'm Loving... that I'm going into work tmrw to fill out the rest of my paper work so I can go back next week!

I'm Loving... that I got two of my sister addicted to Pinterest. haha now I'm not alone!

I'm Loving... my Bible study on Thursday mornings. It's really nice to finally find group of Godly women to spend some time with each week!

I'm Loving... that two of my good friends are getting married this weekend!
This is a reaccuring theme this week, that's how excited I am!

I'm Loving... that "George" is flying in tmrw from SD for the wedding.
Haven't seen him since March!

I'm Loving... that I'm over half way to my MK goal this month!

I'm Loving... that I get to see one of my favorite clients tmrw.

I'm Loving... my IPad that the hubby got me 2 weeks ago!
I'm really not that materialist but it really is awsome!

I'm Loving... that me and Hubby have spent alot of quality time together in the past week!
even though I hardly saw him this past weekend

And as always... I'm Loving... my wonderful Husband!

On our 5 year Anniversary, 2010

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