Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend Whereabouts!

Shopping with K, new dress for $15, "last day of summer break" swim party at D's, hanging with my extended family, asleep by 10!

Up at 10, showered, dressed, packed and out the door by 11, in Athens by 12, doing updo's for 3.5 hrs.
I had about 2.5 hrs to waste and still needed to touch up my makeup and change clothes, so I meet up with M who was already at the venue with BIL/groomsman.
So we: sat in the car, did our makeup, I changed and fixed my hair. then we sat around the chapel and watched the bridal party take pictures and I was blowing up L's phone because he was running late and not answering. And then finally the wedding started.
It was a beautiful and amazing wedding. I don't know two people more meant for each other than Beau and Nikki. It was only the second wedding Hubby and I have gone to since our own so even though I was mad a L for being late it was still very surreal to sit there with my husband. And it was very nice not to have to get on the dance floor and pretend like I cared to catch the bouquet!
The reception was really nice as well. The food was delicious even if I did eat something that I thought was spinach artichoke dip but then turned out to be bacon blue cheese dip (barffff) and L went home early cause he wasn't feeling good.
 I didn't get home til after 12 and went straight to bed. It was a long and exhausting day but all in all it was wonderful.
The one picture I have of the happy couple taken back in Oct 2010

L still not feeling good, I went to church and lunch with K and my parents. Went back to parents to do K's hair, caught up with Mom, got back home at 4:30 and soon after drama unfolded (more on that later), dinner, L went to bed at 10 and I'm sitting here watching tv and blogging and getting excited about my first day back at work tomorrow.

This weekend was full of ups and downs. Filled with family, friends, and the joining of two lives forever and I'm so glad I was a part of it!

Hope Y'all had an equally great and blessed weekend!

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