Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesdays

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

I'm Loving... that I've seen D 3 times this week and I get to see her tmrw too!

I'm Loving... hearing camp stories from MO, it brings me back!
(the funniest one: one girl slept walked over to her bed and
slept there half the night and tried to steal her pillow)

I'm Loving... that I have my bible study in the morning!

I'm Loving... that I was crafty today and am almost finished with my $5 basket. (pics to come)

I'm Loving... that I finally learned how to make a button for my blog.

I'm Loving... the new design/colors of my blog.

I'm Loving... hopefully hubby will finish my desk this weekend.

I'm Loving... that I might get to go tubing this weekend with sis!

I'm Loving... that my bf JP is coming home from the beach tmrw!
(even though she will probably be working for a week straight, I know we will hang out soon)

and as always... I'm Loving... My sweet hubby!

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