Friday, June 17, 2011

Fugal Fridays

My First Fugal Friday!

So this is a new series I'm going to do about every other Friday. That's when I go to lunch with my mom and my Granny's best friend Mrs. Jo. Usually after lunch Mom and I will either go shopping, so these post will consist of new clothes, accessories, home decor, or anything else I get a good deal. And there is always a good deal involved when I go shopping cause trying to save up money for a house, to start a family and one year anniversary trip, there's not always extra shopping money lying around.

I've been wanting a new bathing for this summer so last Friday after lunch I talked Mom into going to Belk with me. I ended up walking out with a cute new black dress and a pair of black shorts. I haven't worn the shorts yet but I've worn the dress a couple of times. I absolutely love it!

The dress was originally $86, it was on sale for 40% off and then I had another 20% coupon. So I got it for $41.28!

I don't have a pic of me in it but hopefully this weekend cause I'm wearing it again tmrw!

(Plus it was the only one in the store that I found and it just so happened to be my size... meant to be!)

The shorts were originally $48. It was already marked down 50% plus my coupon for an additional 20%. So I got the shorts for $19.20!

They are super comfy and will work well with pretty much any top. Plus I know I will get alot of use out of them this summer cause it's so hot!

And on top of all those sales, I actually returned two shirts for $60, so technically I only spent $4! That's something the hubby will appreciate :-)

Hope y'all enjoy my new series. And happy bargain hunting to you!

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