Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's OK Thursday

I got this idea from my friend LBP, who got the idea from her "Big" , who got the idea from Whispering Writer who got it from Glamour. Did you follow that?

It's OK...

To still miss someone even though they've been gone for 4 years or 14 years.

That even after I got burned on Sunday, I still didn't remember to reapply my sunscreen today.

That even though house sitting isn't as much fun now that I've got my own place and it's more of a hassle, I really don't mind cause it helps my electricity and water bills.

That I didn't go grocery shopping this week (since I'm going to be at aunts all week and I'm just going to eat her food.)

That I'm probably going to drive back to my house every other day next week just to lay by the pool. (hopefully remembering the suscreen)

To look someone up on facebook and just stare at their picture and reminisce about the good times and wonder where things went so wrong in your friendship.

That I made L go out last night after dinner to get me some frozen yogurt.

That I went out this afternoon and got frozen yogurt with a friend when I had perfectly good frozen yogurt at home. (see above)

To be disappointed because I think hubby doesn't have anything planned for my birthday. :(

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