Monday, June 6, 2011

Not So Manic Monday!

I love Not So Manic Mondays:

Today I slept in til 11 when Katie finally called to tell me she was headed to by apartment so we could lay out by the pool. I got ready and headed over there (since I'm still at my aunts)
We laid out from about 12 til 4:30, got alot of sun, it was pretty hot today, nice breeze most of the time but I still couldn't lay out more than 20 mins at a time without getting in the water. I did remember my sunscreen today but for some reason my thighs still burned a little. I made L come out to the pool when he got home to translate for us cause I knew these Bosnians were talking about K. 
I got a couple of chapters of Eat, Pray, Love under my belt, maybe one day I will actually finish it (I've been trying to for 6 months but keep putting it down and forgetting)
K and I ran up to Sears to look for a fridge for Megan then went to the gas station.
Didn't make it to the bank in time to cash some checks.
And now for the rest of the day I will be watching Nate Berkus for inspiration and some online shopping.
Then desperately need to do my roots tonight.
And then maybe going to bed early so I can get up and go pay the taxes for the cars and try not to spend all day at the tag office. I have to go to two different counties. :( What a nice birthday present to myself, right?
But I do have the day off work for my birthday :)

Happy Manic Monday, y'all!

*Happy 9th Birthday to my beautiful and favorite (not just cause she's my only one) niece MO!*
This was at my bridal shower and K &M had stolen my camera and was driving MO crazy!

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