Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Whereabouts!

Ok so I've been slacking just a little, haven't posted since Wednesday, and it makes me nerves for the future. But this weekend has been very hectic.

Friday started off with a little crazy with 2 huge cockroaches and a lizard loose in my aunts house at about 1am. L killed the roaches but we couldn't find the lizard and I couldn't sleep so I drove to the apartment to sleep that night. I went to lunch with my mom and Mrs. M (my Granny's best friend) then shopping with Mom. I went to buy a new bathing suit and a bra and I walked out with a dress and a pair of shorts! lol (which will be featured on Friday's post) I then went back to my aunts house and had dinner with L hung out for a bit then headed home and he headed to a friends house for the night.
I had to be up Saturday morning at 5:00 to meet some girls to head to ATL for our MK event. However didn't go to bed until after 4 so I got about an hour of sleep and was so tired! I got up a little late and had to stop to get a cup of coffee so I was a little late, oh well, we made it in plenty of time.
 My MK Senior Director CJ invited Robert Jones a well known professional make-up artist to come to ATL to do a workshop for us and teach us make-up techniques hands on. It was fabulous, I learned so much and I'm so glad I went since I originally sold my ticket. He has worked with MK for years and was very much a part of the new face of MK. He does amazing make-overs. He is really funny and has a great sense of humor, I can see him and JCV getting along very well.

When we walked into the workshop we got to have a personal one on one little moment with Robert himself. He gave us a packet and marked on the cover what eye shape we had, which we were going to go over later.

We then went over the basics of make-up application before lunch, I won't go though it all because if your not interested in make-up it will bore you. And then after lunch we washed our face all but one eye so we can have a before and after. The sad thing is I did my best make-up that morning to impress Robert but once you look at the before and after, I can honestly say I was doing eye makeup wrong! We went through all the eye shapes and where to but the three shades on each eye, if you think it doesn't make a difference believe me it does. 

Here are some of the pics...

pictures aren't working for me so hopefully I'll have them posted soon!

I got home around 7 that night (did I mention it was 8 hrs long and in ATL) waited about an hr for L to get home cause he was at his niece's birthday party. I pretty much said hey to him told him I was taking a nap and didn't wake up for 13 hrs. I was definitely tired.

Sunday I got up and went to church by myself because L wasn't feeling good. Went to lunch with my parents and hung out at their house for about an hr then headed back home. Because L and I didn't spend much time together this weekend I wanted to get home early and watch a movie, have dinner and hang out. We watched "The Killers"  which was a pretty cute movie, good chick flick but has the action scenes for the guys. It was nice to finally spend some quality time together.
All in all it was a pretty good/successful weekend. I feel restful in general, regenerated in my business, and recharged/loved in my personal life.

Hope your weekend was as good as mine!

Love Y'all

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