Thursday, June 9, 2011

Semi Wordless Wednesday

Ok so I'm posting Wednesday a day late because being at my Aunts house I didn't get to upload my new photos to do Wednesdays post which I've been dying to do. So since I'm back at my place for the day because I was hanging out at the pool with Katie and Beth, I decided to go ahead and post.

Semi Wordless Wednesday


Well my birthday was Tuesday so these pictures are my presents from L and my niece MO's birthday party on Saturday.

MO's Birthday Party

The birthday girl

K and my cousin L

MO messing with K

L dropping my cousin H in the pool

MO being goofy

pretty girl

Mom and my cousin Mike eating cake

Sister and our favorite niece!

My Birthday

My Sugar Kneads cupcakes and my Open Heart necklace from Kay.
L is so good to me. He drove all the way to Loganville after a rough day at work and having issues with the car tags to get me these cupcakes! Love him :)

We were at my Aunt's house and this is the only candle I could find! lol

 This is the White Chocolate Strawberry cupcake, my new favorite!

If any of you are ever in the Loganville, GA area you need to stop at Sugar Kneads Cakery. They are truely the best. They mase our wedding cake, and from that day forward I told L I wasn't going to any other bakery. They made his birthday cake this year too.

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