Sunday, June 19, 2011

Want To Make God Laugh...

So have you heard the saying... "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans" I'm beginning to think it's true. This weekend was full of plans to hang out and spend some quality time alone together. This is what really happened

 Saturday got off to a late start because neither one of us got up in time. We ended up showing up to the re-grand opening of the bakery that did our wedding cake an hour and a half late and missing most of the events. Then had to rush off to the bank because yet again we were having problems with the accounts. We were at the bank for nearly 2 hrs and by the time we made it back to Sugar Kneads everything was over, but I did get my cupcake I wanted. We were supposed to have a cook out with some friends but they had to cancel so we went to another friends house who we hadn't seen in a while. We planned to just say a little while but then we had to wait out the crazy storm we had. We were about to head home when L got invited to go fishing the following day, He asked me if he could go (it being Father's Day he wanted to make sure I didn't mind if he missed church and lunch). He had been wanting to go fishing for a couple of weeks now and he had worked hard last week, putting in a few 12 hr shifts, so I told him it was fine.

I came home and did just what I thought I would, watch a movie and go to bed early. The guys had planned on getting up around 9 and heading to the lake, but ended up not leaving til after noon. And L didn't get home til after 9 tonight and pretty much went straight to bed. So all hope was out the window of spending anytime together

Looking back I wish I hadn't told him he could go. I'm not one of those wives who doesn't let her husband do things with out me or give him a hard time if he wants to spend time with his friends, but I was really looking forward to spending some time together. It's not like he missed much however it still made me kinda sad :(

So all in all we spent about 30-45 mins alone this weekend, pretty much all of which was in the car driving from one place to another.

The irony of it all... the sermon at church today was on the 5 Love Languages, the fifth one being... quality time.

Do y'all ever make plans and then they just get ruined for one reason or another?

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